The World Conferences of AIVP

Organized every two years, the World Conferences of AIVP gather between 400 and 600 participants. The World Conferences are intended for port and urban decision-makers (elected representatives and technical experts), researchers and academics, as well as economical and institutional partners of the port areas’ development. These conferences have for main objectives to develop some practices and know-how but also to be a showcase of port’s projects or realizations, to exchange experiences between decision-makers and other economic actors for the ports’ development, to increase institutional and public authorities’ awareness of the main assets of the port area and finally, to reinforce transversal exchanges between the various decision-makers in order to initiate consultation and new working methods.

  • In 2008, the 11th AIVP World Conference was held in Stockholm (Sweden) on the theme: "Cities and Ports innovating for an inter-dependent future".
  • In 2010, the 12th AIVP World Conference was held in Buenos Aires and Rosario (Argentina) on the theme: "New World, New Challenges".
  • - En 2012, the 13th World Conference of the AIVP was taken place in Nantes Saint-Nazaire (France) on the topic "The port’s news era" .