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Mr. Zadikoff has over 25 years of professional engineering and management experience, and is the CEO of G. M. Selby. His role since the formation of this engineering firm has been to oversee the day-to-day operations and skills development of the corporation. His expertise has been sought on subjects ranging from shoreline erosion control and stabilization, structural design for Marine Infrastructure projects, to Environmental and geotechnical impacts of large scale projects, both in developed and emerging markets.
Mr. Zadikoff is a member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers and has been involved in numerous high profile structural damage assessments and forensic investigations, including buildings, seawalls, and foundations. In addition, he has performed numerous designs for infrastructure improvement projects.
Mr. Zadikoff designed the modifications to several buildings on the National Registry of Historical Buildings, including buildings in Milwaukee, Orlando, Miami and Key West, where standards of preservation and restoration were strictly adhered to.
He has is currently a consultant to the Port of Miami, the largest Cruise Ship Port in the world.
Mr. Zadikoff was a Lecturer at the Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne - FL, responsible for teaching Ocean/Coastal Engineering courses as well as strength of materials and dynamics of structures.
Additionally, Mr. Zadikoff is the lead contributing author on several articles published in professional journals and/or presented at trade conferences, and has been involved with an impressive amount of environmental and coastal projects throughout the United States, the Caribbean region and Africa.

Mtwara port expansion - Southeastern Tanzania

Thème : Enterprise-driver Smart Port
Ville(s) analysée(s) : Mtwara
Mtwara’s port expansion in Southeastern Tanzania, is a major part of the master plan for the Mtwara Corridor development. Some experts reached an initial conclusion that Mtwara is "no good" as a major shipping port due to its location; nonsense! With the expansion of all commodities in the region and the proposed expansion of the port, this will automatically change the minds of those detractors. This report looks at the various technical requirements to expand the port while keeping to the goals of the master plan for the Mtwara Corridor as established by the High Commissioner and the Governing Board.
International Conference Cities and Ports / ISSN 2313-2124

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