Flavia Nico Vasconcelos is an Economist (UFES/Brazil), with a Masters Degree in International Relations (PUC‐Rio) and PhD in Social Science (PUC‐SP). She was granted an ALBAN/EU scholarship and studied cityports at Instituto Superior Técnico IST/Lisbon (2008). In November 2014 she is going to Vancouver to study its cityport experience with the supervision of professor Peter Hall at Simon Frasier University. She is a teacher in the International Relations undergraduation course at Universidade Vila Velha UVV‐ES and has been the Head of the International Relations Department for 8 years. She is also a teacher and researcher at the Master in Political Sociology at UVV‐ES and coordinates the Cityport Observatory, a multidisciplinary research group at UVV‐ES.

The Voice of the Cityport: the presence of the urban port at Vitória (Brazil)

Thème : Citizen Smart Port
Ville(s) analysée(s) : Vitoria
Port cities are known for its special relations due to the interfaces between city and port. Those interfaces are historically sustained when both city and port keep growing and developing together and fostering its interdependence through the creation of identities and cultural aspects that resemble its common trajectory. There are cases when city and port follow different ways of development and the connections that sustained the port city as one single unity is kept only in the memory and nostalgic feelings of its inhabitants. This paper is the result of a field research that studied the trajectory of the port city of Vitoria/ES - Brazil and how the perception of being a port city has been lost by its inhabitants.
International Conference Cities and Ports / ISSN 2313-2124

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