Luiz Roberto DE OLIVEIRA


Prefeitura Municipal de Sao Francisco do Sul


Luiz Roberto de Oliveira in the 80’s was the Operational Manager of Transmare Maritime Transport and Representations (Affiliated to Expresso Mercantil Group).
For 20 years he headed the Wilson Sons Group (Towage / Shipping Agency / Port Operation and Logistics), acting as General Manager Branch of São Francisco do Sul and Imbituba.
Has specializations in charging port, logistics and operation by the Rotterdam Port Management, in port zoning, environment, logistics and operation by the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and also in the Port Logistics by COPEAD \ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).
His background is in management with emphasis on international trade and he is an active member of events related to port segment all over the world.
Currently, Luiz Roberto de Oliveira is the Mayor of São Francisco do Sul.

São Francisco do Sul - A port to the world

Thème : Enterprise-driver Smart Port
Ville(s) analysée(s) : São Francisco do Sul
In 1504, a French expedition set anchor at the Babitonga Bay sheltered waters. Right then was born the third oldest location in Brazil, generating a huge cultural diversity making the city, the cradle of Santa Catarina State´s history knotted with the port, which since the beginning of the twentieth century has undergone major investments that culminates with the current numbers. The Port of São Francisco do Sul is today the fifth largest Brazilian port in container handling, distinguished by its excellent location halfway between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, the two major centers of production and consumption of Mercosur. The largest port in the State, essentially exporter, is the main grain port in the State. In this work, we present the potential of a natural harbor in Brazil, its main economic activities, plans for consolidation of São Francisco do Sul as a tourist destination receiving cruise ships from around the world and how to keep more than 70 % of municipal income generated by port related businesses.

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