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Pedro Ressano Garcia is a Senior Architect. For the last years he has been researching the transformation of port cities and waterfront regeneration. In his office in Lisbon, theory and practice are combined in projects of architecture, urban design and participation in international competitions. He started teaching at U.C. Berkeley, since 1997 to the present teaches in Lisbon at Universidade Lusófona and he is a visiting teacher at International Workshops. Since 2010 is the coordinator of the European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design. He as published widely in books, magazines and international conferences.

Waterfront New Life

Thème : Urban Smart Port
Ville(s) analysée(s) : Lisbon, Cascais
An international group worked together at the European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design in 2014. Participants from many countries met in the city of Cascais to analyse, discuss and contribute for the sustainable development of port cities having this region as a case study. Local authorities contributed actively and the team produced proposals at three locations aiming to improve the quality of life at the port and city.

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