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Jari Huhtaniemi, Urban planner of the City Planning Department of Helsinki, Finland.
Jari Huhtaniemi is an architect working at the City Planning Department of Helsinki as an urban planner. During 2009-2011 he developed Helsinki West Harbour cruise passenger port as a part of the Urbact II CTUR program (Cruise Traffic and Urban Regeneration) introducing actions which enhanced the cruise experience at the city of Helsinki. From 2011 he has developed Helsinki West Harbour ferry passenger port which with a new terminal is to serve up to 10 million passengers annually. Urban port is to be integrated to West Harbour housing development area where 22 000 new residents and 10 000 new jobs are planned next to the Helsinki city centre.

West Harbour - Urban Passenger port, Helsinki Finland

Thème : Urban Smart Port
Ville(s) analysée(s) : Helsinki
Due to the growth of Helsinki, the cargo harbor and the dock yards were relocated from the city center to allow the West Harbour urban regeneration project to take place. The passenger port remains in the middle of the development area as its economic key factor. Ports in general have become isolated traffic areas purely for passing through. In Helsinki the project aims at the restoration of the traditional idea of the port as an essential part of the city center and of urban culture as well as the preservation of the 120,000 sqm of actual physical harbor and dock yard structures such as a silo, warehouses, cranes and piers.
International Conference Cities and Ports / ISSN 2313-2124

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