Chief Executive Officer



Yariv Gibli is the CEO of Identity.
Identity plans and executes innovative high quality projects in the fields of public space attractions and visitor centers for corporations, organizations, and companies worldwide. Identity integrates development, design, and production expertise with state-of-the-art technologies to create a cutting-edge experience.
For over a decade, Yariv has planned and designed numerous visitor centers for companies including: Intel, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Ashdod Port (the largest port in Israel).
Yariv also specializes in integrating various advanced technologies to form cutting-edge content experiences for visitor centers, mobile tourist centers, trade shows, and museums.
His work has been awarded numerous prizes at international film festivals, including INTERCOM and the New York Film Festival.

Creating Smart and Innovative Visitor Centers - Effective Communication between the Port and the Community

Thème : Citizen Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Ashdod
Creating a memorable and lasting visitor experience can be a challenging task for any organization. In ports this challenge is magnified as there is often a need to shape public opinion in order to understand the vital influence the port has within the community.
With the use of advanced technologies to deliver innovative content we are able to transform the port's visitor center into a powerful marketing and educational tool, delivering a strong, positive, and memorable message. This helps to develop and enhance the relationship between the port and the community.
How do we create a lasting experience? How do we use the visitor center or the museum as a marketing tool? What are the technologies used to do so? How do we bring the port to the community? What are the future trends in delivering powerful content?
The visitor center in the Port of Ashdod, as well as current methods and trends will be used as case studies.

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