Jacques RITT

President and CEO



Jacques Ritt is the Chief Executive Officer of SOGET, a world leader in Port Single Window, based in Le Havre.
He joined SOGET in 1992 as Managing Director and became the Chief Executive Officer in 1997. From this moment on, he has been committed to the development of the company in France and worldwide with the first contract overseas for the implementation of a Port Single Window in Mauritius in 2007.
He holds a Master’s in scientific computing, a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in "Automatic field-related documentation" and is a postgraduate in Accounting, Law, Economy and Finance.
Jacques Ritt is also Executive Officer of SOGYP, CEO of SML (SOGET Mauritius Ltd), Director of MACCS (Mauritius Cargo Community System) and Founding member and Chairman of the Executive Committee of SEFACIL.

e-Government & Trade Facilitation, Best practices of Port Single Window implementation in Benin

Thème : Smart Port Emprendedor | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Cotonou
In Cotonou for instance, the implementation of a Port Single Window to increase fluidity in the movement of goods has led to impressive results. In terms of logistics efficiency as well as increasing state revenues while improving the governance of the country. Jacques Ritt, CEO of SOGET, will present a case study of the Republic of Benin’s success story.

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