Project Manager for "e-harbours" project

Municipality of Zaanstad

(The Netherlands)

Jan Schreuder, programme manager Climate and Energy City of Zaanstad. The Netherlands.
He worked for nearly 4 years as the international projectmanager for the e-harbours project, focussing on the opportunities of smart energy networks in harbour areas.
Combined with his experience in urban development, he now focusses on the introduction of smart energy network as a unique selling point for the City of Zaanstad.

"e-harbours": Smart Energy in Harbour City Zaanstad

Thème : Enterprise-driver Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Zaanstad
Large industrial cities and harbour areas, with a dense variety of production and consumption processes, are a perfect place for smart energy concepts. The aim of the EU-project e-harbours was to explore the possibilities for large scale implementation of smart energy networks, by:
1. Optimising capacity in the system for additional renewable energy, intermittent by nature.
2. A strong improvement in energy efficiency, supporting savings.
3. The integration of electric mobility, reducing fossil fuels and possibly adding a buffer to the grid.
4. Enhanced stability for the energy network, and greater energy-security.
Today's focus will be on the integration of the energy strategy and urban development in Smart Harbour City Zaanstad.

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