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Jari Huhtaniemi, Urban planner of the City Planning Department of Helsinki, Finland.
Jari Huhtaniemi is an architect working at the City Planning Department of Helsinki as an urban planner. During 2009-2011 he developed Helsinki West Harbour cruise passenger port as a part of the Urbact II CTUR program (Cruise Traffic and Urban Regeneration) introducing actions which enhanced the cruise experience at the city of Helsinki. From 2011 he has developed Helsinki West Harbour ferry passenger port which with a new terminal is to serve up to 10 million passengers annually. Urban port is to be integrated to West Harbour housing development area where 22 000 new residents and 10 000 new jobs are planned next to the Helsinki city centre.

Helsinki, smart solutions for a urban passenger port

Thème : Urban Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Helsinki
West Harbor city center development project accommodates 22,000 new residents and 10,000 new jobs surrounding a ferry and a cruise passenger port with up to 10 million passengers per year. The main goal of the project is to restore the spirit of the port as a center of everyday urban life - as a central place to meet, interact and even to spend leisure time at. The project aims at shortening the distance, both mental and physical, between Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg, the port and the city center, as well as the harbor and the residential areas.
A functioning passenger port in the city center with effective public transport options is an attractive cruise and ferry passenger destination. Key economic element of the concept is an urban mix surrounding port area to create vivid urban environment with various services available for the residents, locals and tourists. Smart solutions to guide the traffic flow are to be cultured throughout the whole port environment including terminals, shopping areas, hotels, parking facilities and touristic services.
As traffic at the city center remains as a great challenge emphasis is given on public transport & incentive parking to reduce use of cars. Three tram lines operate on the front doors of two terminals and tickets are to be bought with simple SMS message. Public transport, pedestrian and bicycle network is to be saturated with mobile applications. Mobile applications are also to be used to guide departing vehicles to choose the quickest route and available parking. Electronic pre-check-in system for trucks includes waiting areas at the outskirts of the city and a call to approach the port to distribute traffic more evenly. On-demand green wave on traffic lights for arriving port traffic is already in use.

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