Francesco ODDONE

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development

City of Genoa


Francesco Oddone is Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Smart City and Port-City relations in the Genoa’s City government. He holds a degree in Political Economy at the Bocconi University in Milan (1992) and in Political Sciences at the Genoa’s University (2001). He obtained a Master of Arts-Economics (2000, Ph.D, ABD) at New York University where he also worked as Economics Instructor in New York, and then at NYU's Florence site. Previously he has been board member of Stazioni Marittime (1999-2001) and financial and economic adviser for Sviluppo Genova (1997-2000) and the Italian Ministry of Economy (2001-2003). He has also supervised the building of the new wholesale market in Genova-Bolzaneto as managing director of S.C.M. c.p.a. and he has been C.E.O. of SPIm Genova S.p.A. (2007-2009), and a board member until May 2012. He was President of the Board of Directors at Datasiel S.p.A. from July 2011 to May 2012, when he was chosen by Mayor-elect Marco Doria to be in charge of the city’s economic affairs.

Towards a Smart Port in a Smart City: the Genoa experience

Thème : Urban Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Genoa
In 2010 Genoa, aware of on-coming crisis and societal challenges, started a transformation process towards a Smart City, which improves quality of life through sustainable economic development based on innovation and research and led by the local government in a process of integrated planning.
Under the Municipality’s leadership a fertile ecosystem has been created and fostered; Genoa promoted the creation of an innovative involving governance methodology (even more so in Mediterranean cultures) connecting the quadruple helix (Institutions, academia, business, civil society):
- citizens' needs;
- political vision & strategic planning;
- academia's creativity;
- businesses’ marketing strategies;
- job creation opportunities;
- regulatory systems;
- funding opportunities.
By giving life to the Genoa Smart City Association which counts over 90 members working together towards the common goal of making the city a fervent and productive ground where intelligence is applied in planning and actions in a collaborative and positive environment supported by stakeholders and networks.
AGSC juxtaposes needs, strategies, technologies, funding, legal framework finding right slots for each project, in 4 topics: Energy, Smart Building, Smart Mobility and Smart Port.
Genoa's Port Authority has developed PEAP - Port Energy Action Plan to promote and sustain the renewable energy and to increase energy efficiency in the port.
Transform Genoa in a smart city with a smart port is an essential process to enlarge the role of Genoa's port, from the point of view of the whole Italian port system.

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