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Luis Ajamil is the President and CEO of Bermello, Ajamil & Partner among the top International Planning, Architectural and Engineering firms in the world and the leading cruise planning and design firm.
Luis Ajamil has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and architectural studies from the University of Miami. He has led major waterfront master planning works in the Middle East, United States, Europe and Asia. Among major waterfront programs for the Cities of New York, Miami, Tampa, Dubai, Singapore. Many of the projects including regeneration schemes that involve the integration of a working waterfront using cruise and recreational marine activities
Luis has been featured in major publications and TV programs for their work including Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic Mega Structures program for the design and planning of The World in Dubai.
Luis lives in Miami and currently has been assisting with the recent privatization bids for the integration of a cruise terminal in the Durban waterfront on behalf of the private firm that has submitted a proposal.

Working waterfront as part of the urban regeneration strategy

As waterfronts move through their life cycles from the original port and harbor facilities from which settlements and cities were created and transition slowly to urban uses, many urban regeneration strategies look at transforming the warfront purely to an urban use with marine uses being limited to predominately recreational, open space, and small boat marinas.
The new model that is evolving in many cities with the advent of cruise ships is that of maintaining parts of the working waterfront integrated into the regeneration strategy and to use cruise ship tourism and passengers as a way of revitalizing certain aspects of the waterfront.
Initially these schemes were limited to very select places but now in cities such as San Francisco, Tampa, New York, San Diego and many others there is a full effort to integrate these facilities.
The ultimate goal is that the diversity of the waterfront is enhanced by the creation of jobs and economic activity as well as maintaining the urban uses.
However, to integrate urban and working waterfront raises many issues of security, public access and traffic. New designs and operational techniques are evolving to deal with the urban integration. The presentation and paper will provide the latest examples including the newly renovated Pier 27 in San Francisco, a major significant master plan in Tampa, USA which has not yet been unveiled, and potentially what will happen to the Durban South Point waterfront.

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