Administrator Ports and Shipping - International Transport Forum (ITF) at OECD

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Olaf Merk is Administrator Ports and Shipping at the International Transport Forum (ITF) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), international organisation in Paris. As such, he directed studies on ports, port-cities, port regulation and governance. Olaf Merk is the author of various OECD books including “The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities”. As Administrator of the OECD Port-Cities Programme, his previous post at the OECD, he directed more than a dozen studies on port-cities, including on Hong Kong, Shanghai, Rotterdam and Hamburg. He has authored various port-related articles in academic and professional journals. He is also lecturer on the Governance of Port-Cities at the Institute for Political Science (Sciences Po) in Paris. Prior to the OECD, he worked for the Netherlands Ministry of Finance. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam.

The Port City interface; what it is and how to improve it?

Thème : The Smart Port City : Global Approach | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Durban
The port-city interface is a favourite subject of the decision-makers and experts that come to AIVP conferences. This contribution assumes that there is not one interface, but multiple interfaces, depending on the perspective (spatial, economic, environmental or traffic). It is the intensity and interplay of these different interfaces that characterizes each port-city. This will be illustrated by the case of Durban and other examples. In addition, the intensity of the port-city interface will be quantified and ideas will be formulated on how this intensity is determined by port layout, port volumes and urban population density. Finally, the question of how to improve port-city interfaces will be addressed by assessing different categories of policy interventions.

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