Jin YU

Deputy Director of Transportation Planning Division, Ningbo Municipal Port Administration Bureau

Ningbo Municipal People's Government


Yu Jin is born June 30th, 1980. He's Doctor of the He Hai University and works for the Ningbo Municipal Port Administration Bureau as Deputy Director of the Transportation Planning Division:
- He drew up and organized the 12th-Five-Year transportation planning of Ningbo.
- He drew up overall planning of Ningbo - Zhoushan port and readjusting the layout of port functions, etc.

The smart supply chain management system in Ningbo Port

Thème : Enterprise-driver Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Ningbo
Ningbo Port is one of the Top10 largest ports in the world, and the cargo throughput in 2013 reached 495 million tons, and the container throughput reached 16.77 million TEU. In order to improve the operation efficiency, Ningbo Port has been engaged in constructing the smart Port in the past few years. In 2005, the Ningbo E-port has been constructed, and it covers all procedures, including inspection declaration, insurance, invoicing and online inspection declaration. The imported and exported goods can be cleared on the E-port. Ningbo port EDI center platform had been upgraded by 2007 and the processing production management system had been operated successfully. The AIS system (automatic identification system), with the application of GPS technology, make the port production scheduling management and monitoring visualization. Meanwhile, Ningbo Port had constructed the CBOS (collaborative business operation system), which provides a unified collaborative business platform for the related companies, and can greatly strengthen the communication and collaboration with various business units, and improve the work efficiency. Then by 2010, based on the E-Port, the 4PL market had been built, which is the first e-commerce company in logistics industry of China. In fact, the 4PL is a collaborative logistics platform, which can provide business cooperation for the related companies, including the shippers, freight forwarding, logistics enterprise, logistics industry park, market entities. At present, the total number of 4PL market members reached more than 10000, and the transaction volume is 1.92 billion in 2012.

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