Managing Director


(The Netherlands)

Simon Bosschieter is co-founder and Managing Director of Holland Container Innovations, a techno starter (founded in 2008) developing and marketing a full ISO certified foldable 40ft HC container, the 4FOLD ( Globally addressing a market of over $8 billion ( Simon has a master degree in Engineering Policy Analysis at the Delft University of Technology and a bachelor degree General Operational Technology at the Institute for Maritime and Industrial Technologies in Amsterdam. The 4FOLD is ready for use and is looking for users.

Folding containers, an economic and environmental plus

Ocean carriers end up spending about €25 billion a year on repositioning empty containers to the point of their next cargo. On average 20% of the containers transported on sea, and 40% transported on land are empty. This economic inefficiency cuts into shipping lines profitability and increases unfavorable greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions. The costs and environmental issues caused by this empty transport can be significantly lowered when shipping lines use the 4FOLD foldable container. When empty it can be folded to a quarter of the height. Four folded containers can be bundled and one bundle of four folded containers has exactly the same dimensions as a standard container. A bundle of folded containers can thus be handled and transported in the same manner as a 'normal' container.
Ports around the world will benefit from the 4FOLD foldable container as well; less congestion, less emissions, faster handling times, more volumes. A proposal is made for a container foundation that would be financed by a consortium of different ports around the world, to let container users lease the foldable containers. It could be set up in a direct way where user lease the container from the foundation, or differently in a way where ports offer lower taxes for foldable container users. Europe and the US are obvious candidates together with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) who due to their rapid development have significantly increased their share of container movements in the last decade.

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