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Mr. François Mahé des Portes, is a former Officer of the Merchant Marine and has 30 years experience in the shipping industry. François holds an engineer diploma from the Merchant Marine and a Finance and Economics Degree from the IAE business school in Aix-en-Provence. In the early 2000’s, he started working at MGI as the President of the Executive Board which mission was to specify, design and develop the national Cargo Community System (CCS) called AP+. The CCS manages goods flows through ports and is the shared property of MGI and SOGET. AP+ is today installed in the main French ports and overseas. François made AP+ become tri-modal by developing the air goods transport module called AirPort+ in 2011 and the land module called Inland+ in 2014 to connect ports and airports with their hinterland.

Dangerous goods and CCS: how to reduce the risks associated with urban transit

A Cargo Community System (CCS) is based on the principle of sharing information on goods between all transport entities involved in managing them at some point in the chain. When the port authority validates the import of dangerous goods, they are tracked in the CCS and all players involved receive consistent information. The CCS informs road carriers about the dangerous goods type and transport conditions, helping them to optimise their movements and expectations in urban areas. Transport regulatory bodies may be notified in order to manage the risks associated with urban transit, such as routes or time required to cross an area.

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