Carla JONG

Manager Environmental Affairs and Spatial Planning


(The Netherlands)

Carla Jong is Project Manager at the Port of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. She is well experienced in spatial planning and environmental issues specialized in Port City area’s. Area’s where it is all about the impact of the port and creating interaction and cooperation with his surroundings.
Carla graduated in Process engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, and in Public administration at the University of Amsterdam. After working as an advisor for the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she has now worked for 7 years at the Port of Amsterdam, an organisation into which she fitted well as it operates at the intersection between government and private maritime and industrial companies.

Port of Amsterdam: an energy port in transition to a metropolitan “port ecosystem”

Thème : Enterprise-driver Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Amsterdam
The Port of Amsterdam is an energy port with strong positions in petrol and coal. In addition, the Port of Amsterdam has both the ambition and position to become leading in the biobased and circular economy. It can fulfill this aim by tapping into its available market parties, experience and infrastructure. The port of Amsterdam is more than a transshipment centre. It is a dynamic, versatile, adaptable and metropolitan “port ecosystem”. This function involves more finely-meshed logistics flows, waste, electricity supply, water supply, and residual flows from production processes which form the basis for the circular economy. We are combining the forces of the port, the city and the region. The interconnectedness between different flows and industries brings with it the added benefits of economies of scale, cross-pollination and innovation.

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