Chief Customer Officer

SAP Africa

(South Africa)

Simon has 30 years of wide-ranging experience in the IT sector. The last 18 years have been with market-leader SAP’s African business where he has held a number of leadership positions.
Simon is currently the Chief Customer Officer responsible for:
 Ensuring that SAP is leading the Innovation and Thought leadership charge for SAP in the African market.
 Ensuring that SAP customers are deriving value from their SAP investments
 Providing direction to SAP’s customers and partners on emerging business and technology issues such as Business Network Transformation, Mobility, Cloud Computing and Business Process Management.
Simon has worked predominantly in the area of operations and logistics solutions ranging from on-board computing in transport; to large-scale enterprise systems. He has broad experience having worked in sales, marketing, support management, project management, and consulting and systems development. He thus has good insight into the soft issues (such as change management) that must be addressed for any technological initiative to be successful.
Simon has spoken at numerous local and international conferences and Universities on a wide range of topics and is a previous Best Speaker award winner at the SAPICS conference.

Digitalizing a Port City’s ecosystem: game changing on global scale

Not only hub operators in ports are aiming for an increased throughput, so do any business partners involved in local, regional and global collaboration, as for example in the case of Hamburg. The objective is about creating the paramount impact of a port in global supply chain performance and transforming the smart port into a game changer.
We are leveraging these opportunities through an innovative multi-tenant, data pull-and-push mechanism. That involves co-innovation with the port and city operators as well as business representatives. Stakeholders involved have the opportunity to identify their future role: being the (1) the operations manager that operates on behalf of the local government a city or the port, (2) the business representatives that are in charge for on-time, efficient, and risk aware on-time delivery, pick-up and placement of goods, cargo, containers, equipment and services, or (3) the personnel on the road such as truck drivers who are in charge of closing the last mile on-time.
The magnitude of what needs to be changed is furthermore a subject of our elaborations. Hereby, the value that is being proposed for and by the distinct stakeholders plays a key role. Next to the value proposition and performance indicators, a digital ecosystem approach allies with the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services.
Once successfully deployed, successfully conducted game change fosters regional opportunities in economic, competences related and collaboration driven growth.

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