Harrikrisnha A. NARISMULU

Consultant, Facilitator, Maritime, Logistics & Supply-Chain


(South Africa)

Harri Narismulu, trained as an Analytical Chemist; and has worked in the petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Higher Education arenas. The last mentioned was at a Technology Institute in Durban, where he was initially involved in Analytical Chemistry Training; and later in the domain of Public and Corporate Affairs, Fundraising, Marketing & Communication, and Alumni Development.
He now heads a bespoke consultancy that researches and develops innovative responses for a variety of clientele – mainly Education and Training institutions and NGO’s especially with respect to Income Generation & Strategic Marketing for sustainable development, Techno-park, Incubator & cluster development; Innovative Education delivery solutions, Blended Learning Modalities, Skills Development strategies; Corporate Learning interventions; Integrating soft skills into mainstream artisan training; Economic Development and Poverty alleviation strategies; Innovation; Mentoring disadvantaged youth.
He interfaces with a range of local, national, and international corporates in a variety of disciplines and is an experienced and seasoned professional - with a flair for deal-making in the following focus areas:
• Engineering (especially Ports/Harbours, Maritime, Water, Petrochemical/Oil & Gas, Electricity, Renewable Energy Initiatives, etc),
• Health/Medical, Environmental and Waste solutions, Education & Training, Bespoke ICT (software and hardware solutions)
• Identifying opportunities, niche areas of operation, synergistic partners, etc - to create sustainable and suitable partnerships for international companies entering the Southern African context; and seeking sustainable pathways into Africa.
• Training in various disciplines – but with the added
He enjoys being a "social entrepreneur" in creating a better society; willing to share my network and knowledge to contribute to innovative and "out-of-the box" thinking to develop sustainable solutions for societal good.

Strategies for developing Human Resources to enable optimal Port Activities

Thème : Citizen Smart Port | Ville(s) analysée(s) : Durban
South Africa, like many African countries, are critically dependent on Gateway ports to be the exchange mechanism allowing their natural resources and exports to reach world markets as well as facilitate the importation of finished goods . This phenomenon in the current age, predicated on globalization, rapidly evolving communication tools including mobile technology, optimizing customs collection, minimizing delays, paperless transfers, authorized export operators, etc. However the challenge is sustainable development of optimally trained (technically, inter-personal, safety, etc) , multi-skilled, technology-savvy, evidence-led, rapid decision-based responses, skilled force that enables superior levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the various aspects of Port Operations as well as the various back-of-the port activities. In terms of harmonizing with the International Maritime Organization’s standards - typical challenges facing South Africa are basic communication issues (i.e. Numeracy and literacy), language challenges (given many aspirant entrants home language is not English), hence a career in Maritime and Logistics is not seen as a preferred career choice.

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